Envirotech Cleaning offers Mattress Cleaning throughout Cape Town and surrounding areas.

Removing unwanted grime and dirt is what we do best!

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Our skilled and professional team will ensure your mattress and other fabrics are cleaned and hygienic for the entire family and pets.

                Mattresses / Sleepers / Futons / Dog Beds / Baby Cots

Why Cleaning your Mattress and Fabrics are important:
You and your loved ones spend on average eight hours every night sleeping on a mattress. Mattresses absorb all types of body fluids and heat during this time. Over time this often results in build-up of grime which creates the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, mites and smells. 

These unwanted pollutants are unhealthy and may cause skin allergies and breathing related concerns.
Regular mattress cleaning will help eliminate these unwanted health risks 

We love what we do!

Our Method:
1. Vacuum with industrial machine
2. Pre - Spray to dissolve and loosen all grime
3. Scrub and remove stains with special cleaning agents
4. Hot water extraction method which removes and cleans the mattress of all pollutants
5. Air - dry and ventilation for maximum drying time

Don't compromise your family.

All size and mattress types: 
Foam mattresses 
Pet beds 
Baby Cots