Carpet Cleaning
With over 20 years knowledge and experience in the industry, we have built up the skills and know-how to identity and eliminate all carpet cleaning needs. 

Before replacing them, give us a call for friendly advise and pricing.
Let Envirotech Cleaning restore freshness into your prized possession. No more stains and dirt accumulation.
Save money today! 

We recommend a bi-annual service to increase longevity and freshness 

Fitted Carpets / Loose Rugs / Persian Rugs 

The importance of regular Carpet Cleaning:
Not only do carpets and rugs add value to our homes and offices. Carpets and rugs are filters which traps all types of grime and pollutants. 
Over time, through regular usage, carpets and rugs will become dull and lifeless in appearance. If not cleaned regularly, dirt and pollutants will start to accumulate and result in staining and even unwanted smells. 
This combination will result in bacteria and mites 

Avoid allergies and potential health issues through deep cleaning 

Our Method:

1. Vacuum with industrial machine
This process removes most debris and particles which accumulate and trapped in the carpet pile
2. Pre - Spray treatment 
A pre - spray is applied on the entire carpet pile to help remove stains and loosen grime
3. Remove and spot treat where necessary   
4. Hot Water extraction process extracting all pollutants - grime, mites, bacteria and stains
5. Air - dry and ventilate the area for maximum drying time

We don't compromise. 

Top quality equipment, cleaning agents and method. 
Safe for the entire family and pets!

Our services are ideally suited for all environments:
High Traffic Areas 
Places of Worship 
Schools and Crèches 
Care Facilities 

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